The Shandean 1989-2022

The Shandean™ is a scholarly journal dedicated to the life, work and times of Laurence Sterne (1713-1768).

Founded in 1989, it has earned an unequalled reputation for promoting research into all aspects of Sterne’s life and writing, foregrounding new discoveries in the field, and illuminating many aspects of Sterne’s reception, with a particular strength in material and visual culture.

The Shandean™ is published by The International Laurence Sterne Foundation, and edited by:

* Peter de Voogd, University of Utrecht, general editor (retired in 2022)
* Jessy van Geloven, Amsterdam, business editor & web editor
* Paul Goring, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
* M-C. Newbould, University of Cambridge
* Brian Michael Norton, California State University, book reviews editor (retired in 2022)
* Helen Williams, Northumbria University

The Editors aim to expand the reach and the appeal of The Shandean’s vital work to promote its academic status as a forum for innovative, peer-reviewed research. Continuing to print scholarly essays and notes addressing aspects of Sterne’s life and work, The Shandean also invites discussion of Sterne within the broader contexts of eighteenth-century literature and culture.

Offers of articles, notes and queries, and books for review
The Editors welcome articles on all aspects of the Age of Sterne, his impact on material culture and visual depiction, on related cultural topics such as the Grand Tour, sentimentalism and the abolition movement, and on reception (imitations, afterlife, translations, adaptations). Please note that The Shandean is external peer reviewed, for the procedure see the Notes for contributors.

Please send your offers of articles, notes and queries, and books for review to:

The Shandean 1989-2022
* Contents and Abstracts of The Shandean Volumes 1-33 (1989-2022)
* Order The Shandean Volumes 25-33 (2014-2022) published by the International Laurence Sterne Foundation
* Order The Shandean Volumes 1-24 (1989-2013) published by The Laurence Sterne Trust

The Shandean 2024
The final paper issue of The Shandean was printed in November 2022. The journal will nonetheless continue to be published in the future, but as an online-only journal which retains the same structure, outlook, and unique appeal as its paper predecessor. There will be no 2023 issue, but a double issue in the new online format will appear in November 2024.

Plans for an appropriate online outlet for The Shandean are still currently underway, but readers will be informed of their outcome in due course.

In the meantime, please send any queries or submissions for articles or notes to be considered by the editors for peer review to: